Keep the Peace? Egypt says NO!

Keep the Peace? Egypt says NO!

The Jerusalem Post presents a poll to show who is for and against the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.

“The poll was based on 1,000 face-to-face interviews conducted in Arabic between March 19 and April 10, and has a margin of error of 4%.”


War On Terror News

War On Terror News

This is a great link to a site called ‘War On Terror News’, proving the public with news on terror occurring all over the world. 

Canale di WakeUpUSAxRonPaul

Canale di WakeUpUSAxRonPaul

Not that this person is too noticed by YouTuber’s out there, but the videos on this page are direct and distinct to the matter that is terrorism between religions. 

Jesu’s nationalism against satan’s synagoghe & babilon tower: if after 4 years, I can not talk about of banking seigniorage, with a jew or a with a Muslim, of freedom of religion?… 


Muslims who kill in the name of their religion frequently evade punishment in Western courts by pleading insanity or mental incompetence… 


Racial Abuse on Innocent Taxi Driver:

Taxi driver racially abused by three passengers, with threats to take him into the street and kill him, taxi driver feared for his life.

father–of-five Muhammed Hussain, from Holme Slack, Preston, was spat at, punched in the face, grabbed around the neck and called racist names by two males and one female.

The three passengers got into the taxi and began to violently abuse Mr. Hassain as the woman passenger was aggressive in physically damaging the taxi.

The Miller’s taxi driver, who has been in the trade for 10 years, gave evidence in Urdu via an interpreter at the trial of his attackers, Shaun Burns, 19, of Mayfield Avenue, Ingol, and Callum Tennant, 20, who lives with his grandparents on Marshall Grove, Ingol.

Preston Magistrates Court found both men guilty of racially aggravated assault and criminal damage to the taxi, which was kicked and dented when Mr Hussain pulled over to let them out at Lane Ends pub in Ashton.

 Mr. Hussain told the Evening Post: “I thought they were going to kill me.“This is the first time someone has been so violent towards me. It is out of order particularly being spat on – that was an insult. I believe it was because I am a Muslim. I was scared for my life.”Mr Hussain had picked up the group from Marshall Grove on December 28, last year.Prosecuting, Alison Quanbrough told the court: “Two men and a woman got into the taxi. As soon as they set off they became abusive to him.

“On stopping, one pulled off his Bluetooth headset. Mr Hussain turned around and looked at the man. He then spat in his face and punched him.

“The front seat passenger, Mr Burns, held him around the neck and he thought he was trying to choke him.

“The woman and man in the back seat got out and began to kick the taxi. Mr Hussain remained in his taxi and called an English speaking friend to ask him to ring the police on his behalf.”

In evidence, Mr Hussain said: “I could not understand it. He punched me again. I started feeling dizzy and then the person in the front grabbed my neck.”

The court heard in police interviews both men denied using racist language, assault or kicking the taxi.

both men denied the allegations and even said that it was Mr. Hussain who became violent and bunched one of the men.
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The True Perpetrators of the Antisemitic Attacks in Toulouse and Throughout the World

The True Perpetrators of the Antisemitic Attacks in Toulouse and Throughout the World

Barry Rubin, a writer for ‘CRETHI PLETHI’ expresses in this blog the affects of religious terrorism, feedback, conflict and comments on how stories revolving around serious religious terrorism can pose to be somewhat disrespectful and not.