a military clash between Egypt and Israel sends them hovering over a whirl of possible destruction.

There were two potential triggers are sending Egypt and Israel in a whirl wind:Image

The gas issue which suddenly surfaced this week and advance warnings that Sinai Bedouin, Palestinian extremists — some from Gaza, and al Qaeda gangs were plotting terrorist attacks and protest acts for Israel’s 64th Independence Day on Thursday, April 26.

Their object: to whip up a storm to blow up the 1979 Egyptian-Israel peace accords.

Their plans entail sending terrorists across the Egyptian Sinai border for attacks on Israelis to generate Israeli military incursions into Egyptian territory in hot pursuit of the perpetrators.

This almost happened on April 5, after a Palestinian Popular Resistance Committees gang fired two Grad missiles at Eilat from Sinai. The IDF was about to send a small special force across into Sinai for the first time since the peace pacts were signed 33 years ago to waylay the missile team as it headed back to the Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  and Barak Obama vetoed the incursion.

Section 8 of the peace accords strictly bind Egypt to maintain and honor the war memorials for the Israelis who fell in battle in Sinai. On Israel’s Memorial Day for fallen soldiers on the eve of its 64th independence day, Egyptian Islamists and Bedouin groups announced they would advance en masse on the Israeli memorials, erase the Israeli names of Israeli soldiers and fill in the names of Egyptian fallen men.

Egyptian military and security forces which have pretty much lost control of the situation, failing to guard the Israel sites are being counted on.

Only one IDF combat divisions currently guards the border. It too was only posted there after terrorists crossed in from Sinai on Aug. 26, 2011, attacked Eilat highway traffic and murdered eight Israelis.

And it was Chief of Staff Lt. Benny Gantz commented at the time that the border with Egypt was no longer a frontier of peace but of menace.


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