Spain will soon be under Islamic Domination

Spain will soon be under Islamic Domination

(This video post expresses the fears shared by the people of Spain feeling the pull of Islamic influence on their culture. )

Spain is feeling the pressures of possible Islamic domination

With the number of muslims increasing at least ten times within the last 20 years, Spain is slowly become under siege by Islamic people.

CBN News presents Platform Catalonia, Josep Anglada who says, “we in Catalonia and Spain consider it an invasion,

“We never said that we were against immigrants, but we want controlled immigration

“Muslim immigrants are not here to adapt, they’re here to conquer.”

In the 7th Century Muslim army’s conquered most of Spain calling it ‘AL ANDULUS’, it took seven hundred years for them to be completely expel, this only happening when Columbus founded ‘The New World’ they have returned now not as Spaniards, but as Muslims. A survey found 7-out-of-10 Muslims living in Spain consider themselves Muslim and no Spanish.

Residence have changed in City’s like Salt, where up to 40% of residence are Muslim, Spaniards are disappearing, in Yaiza their birth numbers are down whereas Muslim birth rates are at least twice the native birth rate. College students are leaving the City due to the certainty of 50% unemployment rates and the number of Muslims in Spain has increased ten times over the last 20 years.

CBN News presents, Salt City Councilwoman, Maria Osuna, she says

“when the first Muslim party presents itself all the Muslims will vote for it and we’ll all end up wearing headscarves.”

Mosques projects are being funded by radical Wahabis in Saudi Arabia, though the location of a mosque that had been planned on creating had an unexpected turn in events,  someone had cursed the ground by placing a smeared pigs head that was cut in half in the on the building site; Muslims consider pigs to be impure and Islamic law forbids Mosques from being built on grounds soiled by pigs. Evidentially this lead to the push back of construction, and further in, the site was no longer candidate for use as a mosque location and another location was found.


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