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In regard to my recent posts, I have just come across this little beauty.


 “The Egyptians have no interest in going to war against Israel. They don’t have money to buy wheat for the masses. What are we talking about here

? Not everything between Israel and Egypt has to be turned into a drama.”

‘ Dr. Guy Bechor: Egypt has not breached the peace treaty’

 23 April 12 19:05, Adi Ben-Israel

 Published by Globes [online], Israel business news – – on April 23, 2012

my recent post was the run down of what was expected by the military, mostly. This is the opinion of Dr. Guy Bechor, who heads the Middle East Division at the Lauder School of Government at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. And after taking a read, It makes me think a little more, how about you?


a military clash between Egypt and Israel sends them hovering over a whirl of possible destruction.

There were two potential triggers are sending Egypt and Israel in a whirl wind:Image

The gas issue which suddenly surfaced this week and advance warnings that Sinai Bedouin, Palestinian extremists — some from Gaza, and al Qaeda gangs were plotting terrorist attacks and protest acts for Israel’s 64th Independence Day on Thursday, April 26.

Their object: to whip up a storm to blow up the 1979 Egyptian-Israel peace accords.

Their plans entail sending terrorists across the Egyptian Sinai border for attacks on Israelis to generate Israeli military incursions into Egyptian territory in hot pursuit of the perpetrators.

This almost happened on April 5, after a Palestinian Popular Resistance Committees gang fired two Grad missiles at Eilat from Sinai. The IDF was about to send a small special force across into Sinai for the first time since the peace pacts were signed 33 years ago to waylay the missile team as it headed back to the Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  and Barak Obama vetoed the incursion.

Section 8 of the peace accords strictly bind Egypt to maintain and honor the war memorials for the Israelis who fell in battle in Sinai. On Israel’s Memorial Day for fallen soldiers on the eve of its 64th independence day, Egyptian Islamists and Bedouin groups announced they would advance en masse on the Israeli memorials, erase the Israeli names of Israeli soldiers and fill in the names of Egyptian fallen men.

Egyptian military and security forces which have pretty much lost control of the situation, failing to guard the Israel sites are being counted on.

Only one IDF combat divisions currently guards the border. It too was only posted there after terrorists crossed in from Sinai on Aug. 26, 2011, attacked Eilat highway traffic and murdered eight Israelis.

And it was Chief of Staff Lt. Benny Gantz commented at the time that the border with Egypt was no longer a frontier of peace but of menace.

Canale di WakeUpUSAxRonPaul

Canale di WakeUpUSAxRonPaul

Not that this person is too noticed by YouTuber’s out there, but the videos on this page are direct and distinct to the matter that is terrorism between religions. 

Jesu’s nationalism against satan’s synagoghe & babilon tower: if after 4 years, I can not talk about of banking seigniorage, with a jew or a with a Muslim, of freedom of religion?… 


Exodus in place

The Arabs once had a saying about the British: ‘Better to be their enemy, for that way they will try to buy you; for if you are their friend, they will most certainly sell you.’ For Iraq’s Christians it has proved to be sage advice.

It is a lesson learned by a 25-year-old engineering student Wissam Shamouy, an Assyrian Orthodox Christian from Bakhdida in Nineveh province, who fled after jihadis gave him a second warning: leave or die. Shamouy’s mother paid a Kurdish smuggler to take him to Turkey and from there he made his way to England because he spoke the language, and was told Britain helped with ‘humanity protection’.

Instead of receiving help as was promised, Wissam was arrested for arriving with false documents and imprisoned Wormwood Scrubs for 122 days.

‘I had never been in prison in Iraq,’ he says. ‘I lived with criminals, they were fighting in front of me, taking drugs. My mother didn’t know anything about me for three months, nobody did.’ (

Now, surviving on the generosity of other Iraq Christians of his church, Wissam Shamouy has no income support and has been waiting since last September for news of his case.

Nineveh is the historic homeland of this Semitic minority, who trace their faith back to the 2nd century, and their Aramaic tongue much further. But it is also an al-Qa’ida stronghold and its capital, Mosul, is a dangerous place to be a Christian. In October 2008, 10,000 fled the city after Sunni gangs went on a rampage that left 13 Christians dead.

The exodus of the Christians from Iraq is the great ignored story of our age. Up to 1.4 million Christians lived in Iraq at the time of the US-led invasion, but just 400,000 remain, many of them elderly people who have used up their savings to pay for their children to escape. (

Since 2003, 950 Christians have been murdered, and more than 60 churches bombed, the worst incident being the massacre of 50 worshippers at Our Lady of Salvation Church in Baghdad on October 31, 2010. The US Commission on International Religious Freedom recently warned that “the end of Christianity in Iraq” was approaching.

Within Iraq, there has been a steady flow north to the relative safety of Kurdistan, but they are not staying, for land is scarce, unemployment the norm and Christians are subject to “crime, mafia or militia”.

Assyrians have a historic enmity towards the Kurds, and do not want to be part of a Kurdish state. Yet Britain and other countries deport Christians to the “safe” Kurdish zone.

Iraqi Christians are connected to an ancient civilisation enriched by many layers of language, religion and culture. Islamisation is drawing a black veil over that rich, colourful history.

Spain will soon be under Islamic Domination

Spain will soon be under Islamic Domination

(This video post expresses the fears shared by the people of Spain feeling the pull of Islamic influence on their culture. )

Spain is feeling the pressures of possible Islamic domination

With the number of muslims increasing at least ten times within the last 20 years, Spain is slowly become under siege by Islamic people.

CBN News presents Platform Catalonia, Josep Anglada who says, “we in Catalonia and Spain consider it an invasion,

“We never said that we were against immigrants, but we want controlled immigration

“Muslim immigrants are not here to adapt, they’re here to conquer.”

In the 7th Century Muslim army’s conquered most of Spain calling it ‘AL ANDULUS’, it took seven hundred years for them to be completely expel, this only happening when Columbus founded ‘The New World’ they have returned now not as Spaniards, but as Muslims. A survey found 7-out-of-10 Muslims living in Spain consider themselves Muslim and no Spanish.

Residence have changed in City’s like Salt, where up to 40% of residence are Muslim, Spaniards are disappearing, in Yaiza their birth numbers are down whereas Muslim birth rates are at least twice the native birth rate. College students are leaving the City due to the certainty of 50% unemployment rates and the number of Muslims in Spain has increased ten times over the last 20 years.

CBN News presents, Salt City Councilwoman, Maria Osuna, she says

“when the first Muslim party presents itself all the Muslims will vote for it and we’ll all end up wearing headscarves.”

Mosques projects are being funded by radical Wahabis in Saudi Arabia, though the location of a mosque that had been planned on creating had an unexpected turn in events,  someone had cursed the ground by placing a smeared pigs head that was cut in half in the on the building site; Muslims consider pigs to be impure and Islamic law forbids Mosques from being built on grounds soiled by pigs. Evidentially this lead to the push back of construction, and further in, the site was no longer candidate for use as a mosque location and another location was found.

Muslims who kill in the name of their religion frequently evade punishment in Western courts by pleading insanity or mental incompetence… 


Justice is served

killer of 7 brought to justice on March 24 by police commandos from the elite RAID unit.

For Mohamed Merah, the Frenchman suspected of killing four Jews and three Muslim soldiers in southwestern France, the road to radicalization ran from a delinquent childhood in Toulouse to Kandahar in Afghanistan.

Merah, 24, who was holed up in a suburban Toulouse apartment on Wednesday, besieged by police commandos from the elite RAID unit, claimed affiliation with al Qaida and said he wanted to avenge the deaths of Palestinian children, French Interior Minister Claude Gueant said.

The suspect, a French citizen of Algerian origin, had been under surveillance by France’s domestic intelligence service for at least two years after being identified in Afghanistan.

Mohamad Merah, like any other regular man led a relatively normal life with everyday routines, and showed no sign of militancy, according to friends and neighbours who had no idea that he had been to the Asian battleground.

though, me rah had a string of 15 convictions by juvenile courts, mostly invoking theft and served up to 18 months in French prison in 2007-09 which has been expressed by his lawyer, Christian Etelin that that may have been Mohamad’s push to radicalism. Etelin says that Merah separated with his wife just days before the first attack March 11 and so Merah suffered ‘psychological difficulties’. ( )

Exactly when and how Merah slid from petty crime to Islamist radicalism remains unclear.

“His radicalisation took place in a Salafist ideological group and seems to have been firmed up by two journeys he made to Afghanistan and Pakistan,” the interior minister said.

Gueant denied there had been any security lapse in failing to prevent his killing spree, saying: “There was no evidence that he was planning criminal actions.”

A French security source said Merah had spent about a year in the Afghanistan/Pakistan region. The gunman said he had undergone military training with al Qaeda in the Pakistani province of Waziristan, Molins told reporters.

U.S. officials declined comment on any role in handling Merah in Afghanistan but said they believed he was probably not affiliated with what remains of the core al Qaeda organisation created by the late Osama bin Laden and led now by Ayman al Zawahiri.

Instead, they believe he is probably a lone wolf, or almost-lone-wolf, with at most a handful of associates including perhaps his brother.

it was said Mohamed Merah made his own way to Afghanistan without using networks of facilitators under surveillance by Western intelligence. His second Afghan stay in 2011 was cut short after three months when he contracted hepatitis A and returned to France in mid-October, the prosecutor said.

The daily Le Monde said Merah had trained with Pakistani Taliban fighters in a border tribal zone before being sent into southwestern Afghanistan to fight against NATO forces supporting the Kabul government.

with his training and supposed ‘psychological difficulties’ Merah, now dead, sought out to viciously murder 7 people and video recording the killings.

Racial Abuse on Innocent Taxi Driver:

Taxi driver racially abused by three passengers, with threats to take him into the street and kill him, taxi driver feared for his life.

father–of-five Muhammed Hussain, from Holme Slack, Preston, was spat at, punched in the face, grabbed around the neck and called racist names by two males and one female.

The three passengers got into the taxi and began to violently abuse Mr. Hassain as the woman passenger was aggressive in physically damaging the taxi.

The Miller’s taxi driver, who has been in the trade for 10 years, gave evidence in Urdu via an interpreter at the trial of his attackers, Shaun Burns, 19, of Mayfield Avenue, Ingol, and Callum Tennant, 20, who lives with his grandparents on Marshall Grove, Ingol.

Preston Magistrates Court found both men guilty of racially aggravated assault and criminal damage to the taxi, which was kicked and dented when Mr Hussain pulled over to let them out at Lane Ends pub in Ashton.

 Mr. Hussain told the Evening Post: “I thought they were going to kill me.“This is the first time someone has been so violent towards me. It is out of order particularly being spat on – that was an insult. I believe it was because I am a Muslim. I was scared for my life.”Mr Hussain had picked up the group from Marshall Grove on December 28, last year.Prosecuting, Alison Quanbrough told the court: “Two men and a woman got into the taxi. As soon as they set off they became abusive to him.

“On stopping, one pulled off his Bluetooth headset. Mr Hussain turned around and looked at the man. He then spat in his face and punched him.

“The front seat passenger, Mr Burns, held him around the neck and he thought he was trying to choke him.

“The woman and man in the back seat got out and began to kick the taxi. Mr Hussain remained in his taxi and called an English speaking friend to ask him to ring the police on his behalf.”

In evidence, Mr Hussain said: “I could not understand it. He punched me again. I started feeling dizzy and then the person in the front grabbed my neck.”

The court heard in police interviews both men denied using racist language, assault or kicking the taxi.

both men denied the allegations and even said that it was Mr. Hussain who became violent and bunched one of the men.
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