Respecting your religion may also be signing your death warrant.

An Iraq-American woman was beat to death on Wednesday in her home near San Diego. With a note reading “you’re a terrorist. Go back to your Country!” suspicions that this attack was a ‘Hate Crime ‘ have the public in a stir.

Shaima Alawadi, a respectful Muslim mother of 5 was found in a pool of blood by her 17-year-old daughter, and the only thing left next to the dying woman’s head was a note that read “You’re a terrorist. Go back to your Country”

Police told the San Diego Union-Tribune they are investigating her death in El Cajon, near San Diego, as a homicide.

“A hate crime is one of the possibilities, and we will be looking at that,” Lt. Mark Coit of El Cajon police told the Union-Tribune. “We don’t want to focus on only one issue and miss something else.”

Shaima wore a Hijab, an Islamic headscarf, and had previously received a threatening letter one week earlier, her daughter said,

“she ignored it, assuming it was a harmless joke,

“A week ago they left a letter saying this is our country not yours you terrorist, and so my mom ignored that thinking it was just kids playing a prank,” she told the TV station. “But the day they hit her, they left another note again, and it said the same thing.”

The city of El Cajon has a growing Arab-American population. do to this tragedy woman of the area that also wear the Hijab feel unsafe as it seems to them that they are placing themselves as open targets. Amen, a woman of the Iraq-American community said:

“This is something that’s really scary,”…”For a woman like myself who wears a hijab, you’re an open target. You’re always looking over your shoulder because of how you’re dressed and because someone might have skewed perceptions of the community.”

Sireen Mortada, a Muslim-American now living in Australia but has her family still living in Michigan expressed to me today the worry she is now experiencing for her family living over there with this crime.

“I read about this story and I was completely freaked out! My mother, brother and younger sister all live in that area and we are all just so stressed out because of what has happened. I get anxious when she doesn’t answer her phone.”

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have had people commenting in rages saying that Shaima Alawadi was killed because of her ethnicity and religion.

A Facebook page has been created called, ‘One Million Hijab’s for Shaima Alawadi’ that asks the people to become aware of Shaima’s tragedy and to reach out.

“The community needs to reach out to that family and say, we love you, we welcome you, we feel your pain… There should not be an outfit that screams “kill me!” Hoodie or hijab, this needs to stop.”

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