Emotional Terrorism / emotional abuse is growing more and more amenant. this type of terrorism can take many forms, such as bullying, e.g. verbal abuse, putting down, face to face interaction and humiliation from one person (the instigator) to the other (the victim) . abandonment of social equality, particularly in high school and socially invasive activities, such as camps, clubs and social circles.

As a growing type of “innocent fun” emotional terrorism is not to be taken lightly, for it is a prime problem in our society for those who are nearly victims of this invasiveness. for example, there have been many cases in which an adolescent or/and even a senior citizen had been emotionally terrorised to the point of which they feel that their existence is no longer relevant in society or no longer is their life worth living with the torture of these cruelties.

Emotional Terrorism is a rise that will most likely never fall .. it can come as naturally to a human being to put down another human being as is it to blink repeatedly at glaring sunlight.

This is a book which helps show the link between emotional abuse, self-harm and depression, especially among teenagers. Here is a preview of the book which shows about 50 pages from the book. http://eqi.org/eabuse1.htm


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