Converting for Love or Loss Of Will?

A 19 yr old student converted from Hinduism to Islam after marrying her Islamic neighbour. With family and the public in a rage, one month on she is still under dispute by the Supreme Court. 

Rinkel Kumari, a 19-year-old Hindu student who converted under disputed circumstances last month, has set the Pakistani public in a whirl of rage.

Chief Justice Chaudhry noted that there had been “serious allegations of abduction and forced conversion”

The case started in Mirpur Mathelo, a small town in Sindh Province, where on Feb. 24, Ms. Kumari left her family home, converted to Islam and married Naveed Shah, a Muslim neighbor who said he had been courting her through Facebook and through mobil phone contact.

Ms. Kumari’s family and Hindu community leaders reacted angrily, alleging that she had been abducted at gunpoint and forced to convert by Mian Mitho, a powerful conservative Muslim politician who sits in the national Parliament.

Four contested hearings in provincial courts later, the case made its way to the Supreme Court on Monday so that Ms. Kumar can speak freely and without fear or judgment from her family or husband.

The new York Times has published a follow up to this story on :

New York Times article:


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